5 Reasons Plantation Shutters Are Central Coast Favourites

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What is it about plantation shutters Central Coast households and businesses find so appealing? As the market for window dressings has diversified, plantation shutters have established a stable niche. Versatile, durable and extremely attractive, there are lots of grounds for selecting plantation shutters for your home or office. Read on to discover five reasons why plantation shutters are the preferred choice for many households in and around the Central Coast. Interested in finding out more about our stunning collection of plantation shutters? Call us today.

plantation shutters window central coast

Manage light levels with plantation shutters

One of the major advantages of plantation shutters is that they can be adjusted to control the level of daylight entering an interior. Whereas curtains are either open or shut, plantation shutters can be minutely controlled to give just the right amount of light. This allows open shutters when the light is dimmer, optimising interior illumination, or shutters which are partially (or completely) shut when less light is required.

Reduce your energy bills

Plantation shutters are excellent thermal insulators. This means that not only do they keep your home cooler during the warmer months, they also prevent heat escaping when the thermometer plummets. Playing a key role in maintaining a constant temperature in your home, many people note a drop in their fuel bills when shutters are installed on their property.

Maintain privacy without sacrificing light

The way in which plantation blinds are slanted makes it possible for them to still let in the natural daylight, at the same time as obscuring the interior from an outside gaze. This allows occupants to maintain their privacy, at the same time as enjoying daylight. Ideal for homes that front onto a walkway or public space, plantation blinds also make it impossible for anyone to see whether you’re at home or not – a helpful security measure.

Plantation shutters are extremely durable

Modern plantation shutters are made from a wide variety of hard-wearing materials, including: plastic; insulite (a synthetic polymer which has the look and feel of timber); timber; and metal. Whereas timber once needed regular maintenance to stay in good condition, modern coatings allow wood to provide a long-lasting window dressing, in the same way as synthetic options. Once installed, plantation shutters can last twenty years or more.

Plantation shutters can transform your interior

Providing a beautiful accent, plantation shutters can provide an interior focal point that’s incredibly appealing. As the eye is naturally drawn to the window, plantation shutters can make a powerful visual impact. Modern shutters are available in an enormous selection of styles, designs and colours. From natural, traditional-style shutters through to contemporary designs that look amazing in any property, there really is a plantation shutter to suit every interior.

If you want your next window dressing to provide years of useful service, at the same time as being easy to maintain and clean, plantation shutters are an excellent choice. Suitable for every room in the house, get in touch to find out more about the benefits shutters offer. Call our team on 02 4332 5388!