Keep Cool This Summer with Plantation Shutters

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The weather’s heating up! More and more Aussies are looking for affordable and effective ways to keep their homes cool through the sweltering summer months. Thankfully, we have the answer—plantation shutters.

Here are just a few reasons why installing plantation shutters is a smart choice this summer season.

plantation shutters installed in bedroom in Central Coast, NSW

1. Shutters are environmentally friendly

Plantation shutters are the most environmentally-friendly window coverings in the world. Since they’re made from durable and long-lasting materials, they can hang for twenty or more years without needing replacement! Not only do plantation shutters keep your home cool in the hot NSW summer by trapping air and blocking sunlight, but they also save on electricity costs by eliminating the need for artificial cooling or heating methods.

2. They need minimal maintenance

Plantation shutters are made of durable material that is resistant to rot or decay. This means they require minimal maintenance.

In fact, the most important reason why plantation shutters need minimal maintenance is their durability. Like we mentioned above, they can last for decades without requiring any repairs or maintenance at all!

Another important reason is they require no cleaning or waxing—the wood itself is naturally treated and sealed with a protective coat of varnish.

3. You’ll stay cool through the blistering Central Coast summers

The summer season is a wonderful time for exploring the outside world or relaxing at home in the air conditioning. But, with summers come blistering heat and high humidity that can wreak havoc on your home—especially if that home has windows that let in the heat!

Luckily, plantation shutters are an excellent means to keep your home cool this summer. These shutters comprise wood or plastic slats that are tightly screwed together to form a series of panels mounted within the window frame. The slats are not only great at keeping out excess light and noise, but they also provide protection from strong sunlight by absorbing it before it enters your home.

4. Installation is easy

Installing plantation shutters is so easy because they’re universal. You can install them in any window or door to give you better insulation, protection from UV rays, prevent glare, and more.

5. They’re cost-effective

Plantation shutters are a cost-effective alternative to draperies or curtains. They come in a variety of styles and designs, from natural to modern, and they are easy to maintain.

A plantation shutter is the best choice for those who want their windows open as much as possible during the day without compromising on privacy or aesthetics. It also improves airflow and ventilation into your home.

The cost of plantation shutters is affordable compared to other window treatments such as drapes or curtains. When you compare it to the other options available, you will find that these shutters are a fantastic investment for your home.

Start shopping today

So, if you’re on the lookout for an environmentally-friendly and low-maintenance way to keep your home cool through the summer (while saving on electricity bills!), plantation shutters are the right choice! Contact the Ron Ayton team today for a free measure and quote.