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Ron Ayton Curtains, Blinds & Shutters is owned and operated by Ron Ayton and his sons Mat and Brendan. Based at the Central Coast, they travel from Newcastle to Sydney and everywhere in between.

No job is too big or too small and the team adds a personal touch on all work completed. This is a family-owned business with excellent customer service. The team cares about providing each customer with a unique and rewarding experience.

Founder Ron Ayton states, “We don’t try to sell our customers anything. Instead, we offer them the best advice we can, based on more than 40 years of combined industry experience.”

Ron says the success of their business is because it is so focused on customer success. “We save our customers time, frustration, anxiety, and money. And while doing that, we also help them avoid all the pitfalls.”

The team operates a Mobile Showroom loaded with the curtains, vertical blinds, and shutters that are currently available.

Bringing the merchandise to you, the Mobile Showroom allows you to get a true feel for how your new window decor will look and feel in your home or office.

Call Ron Ayton Curtains, Blinds & Shutters to your home or office and see their Mobile Showroom. You’ll sample products in the flesh and you’ll be able to choose what works best for you. It’s the most effective and logical way to do it.

Call us today.

Mobile Showroom

Let us bring the finest curtains, blinds, and shutters to your doorstep. Our Mobile Showroom will give you a preview of the finest selections from the most popular manufacturers. Along with our expert interior design advice, having the products on-site makes it much easier for you to make the best choices.

With the busy lifestyle we all lead today; simple chores can become overwhelming. Between career and family commitments, there seems to be little time left to spend searching for items to improve our home décor. This is where the qualified team from Ron Ayton Curtains, blinds and Shutters can step in.

With his mobile showroom, Ron can bring his products to you, saving you that all important time.

You will have the opportunity to have your questions answered directly on the spot. After discussing options during your free quote, you will see the product you have chosen on the window instantly.

Ron has over 40 years of experience behind him, which enables him to know exactly what treatment your area needs.

Colour co-ordinating is a major aspect to consider, and Ron’s extensive range and selections of samples and photo montage, guarantee you won’t have to travel further than your own home when deciding on the perfect choice.

Ron Ayton and Sons will be happy showing you what’s possible for your décor and budget.

Call Ron Ayton Curtains, Blinds and Shutters today and ask for your free measure and quote. You will be guaranteed of quality products, profession service and outstanding results.

Mobile Showroom - Ron Ayton Curtains, Blinds & Shutters in Central Coast, NSW
White curtains - Ron Ayton Curtains, Blinds & Shutters in Central Coast, NSW

Free Measure & Quote

Have the professionals from Ron Ayton Curtains, Binds & Shutters visit and take custom measurements for your new window decor. Their decades of experience will help you make the best decisions about the styles, colours, and fabrics that will best suit your needs.

Installation & Fitting

Ron Ayton Curtains, Blinds & Shutters has the experience and skills to install your new window decor. A professional touch makes a big difference in the final functionality and appearance of the products you select. Make the most of your new blinds, shutters, and curtains by having the seasoned professionals from Ron Ayton Curtains, Blinds & Shutters fit and install them.

Thermo Poly Shutters Central Coast
Plantation Shutters Central Coast, NSW

Custom Work

Ron Ayton brings more than 3 decades of experience as an interior designer. You’ll benefit from his expertise and save time, money, and be spared the disappointment and frustration of poor results. For superior custom work and amazing results from a fitting and installation specialist, call Ron. No job is too big or too small.

Thermo-Poly Shutters

Thermo-Poly shutters are durable, hard-wearing and water-resistant. These stylish window shutters are particularly well-suited for use in bathrooms and other high-moisture areas.

Thermo Poly Shutters Central Coast
Interior Design - Ron Ayton Curtains, Blinds & Shutters in Central Coast, NSW

Interior Design

Ask the professionals at Ron Ayton Curtains, Blinds & Shutters for their advice. Your interior design challenges will be no match for their more than 4 decades of combined industry experience. Ron, Mat and Brendan will help you create the ultimate ambience for your home and office. You can put your faith in their integrity, experience, honesty, and stellar reputation.