Blinds vs. Shutters vs. Curtains: Which One Suits Your Central Coast Home

If you are currently going through the process of decorating a new home, or redecorating your existing home, then you probably have one hundred different elements to be thinking about all at the same time! Here at Ron Ayton, one particular element that we feel is always under-considered and underappreciated is that of window coverings. You might not think it, but window coverings can really make or break the aesthetic of a room. With that in mind, here is some brief information about the three main choices at your disposal, shutters, curtains, and blinds on the Central Coast. Which do you think might be most suitable for you?

Blinds by Ron Ayton Curtains, Blinds & Shutters Central Coast

Achieve Darkness with Blinds

When chosen and installed correctly, blinds are arguably the choice out of the three that can provide the best blackout properties to achieve darkness inside. This might be something that you are looking for if the room that you are decorating is a bedroom that you want to keep dark for optimal sleeping, or perhaps an entertainment room in which you want to create a dark cinematic atmosphere for films and gaming. Custom, tight fitting blinds can do the perfect job in these cases.

Safety & Privacy with Shutters

Shutters should be the number one choice for anyone who is most concerned about safety and privacy. Certainly, the strongest and sturdiest window covering option of the three, shutters are ideal for homes that have windows that look out to areas where a lot of public footfall and traffic is likely to occur. You don’t want strangers being able to look directly into your home without your consent, and shutters are a good way to solve that issue.

Comfortable and Traditional Atmosphere with Curtains

Curtains are the classic choice for those who are most concerned with creating a comfortable and traditional atmosphere with their decor. Certainly, the soft, warmest looking and feeling choice of the three, you can’t go wrong with a great set of curtains, providing both a practical and aesthetically pleasing service at the same time.

So, if you have decided what you want out of shutters, curtains or blinds, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to get the ball rolling on an order. Feel free to call any of our trained and experienced team members here at Ron Ayton on the Central Coast if you have any questions, they will be happy to provide the answers that you need in order to make the best decisions. We look forward to hearing from you.