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Curtains reflect your personality and style.

Curtains can play a major role in the ambience and style inside your home or office. They are at once, aesthetic and functional—they can enhance the look of the interior, as well as help control light and privacy.

When choosing curtains that will add style and comfort to your rooms, there are a number of factors to consider:

    • Which style to use?
    • Which fabrics & colours?
    • What type of lining is best?
    • Should you use rods or tracks?
    • Does your room need lots of light?
    • Which patterns & textures are best for you?
    • Should you use a decorative rod or a pelmet?
    • Do you want different styles in different rooms?
    • For bedrooms, will you also want a matching bedspread?
    • Should your curtains be floor length or extend just below the window?
    • Which colour scheme will work best for the room?

For immediate curtain inspiration, please browse our photo gallery.

Call us  02 4332 5388 at Ron Ayton Curtains, Blinds & Shutters. Let us help you select the fabrics and styles to give your windows the right finishing touches. We can show you, in your home, a range of fabrics, colours, and textures that would complement your existing decor.

S Wave Curtains

S Wave curtains have a modern look in which the undulations in the fabric are created by the spacing of the carriers and the tape. Let us help you choose the best options for your space and budget. We can save you time, frustration, and money.

S Wave curtains on the Central Coast
Traditional Curtains Central Coast, NSW

Traditional Curtains

Our Mobile Showroom allows you to see our wide selection of traditional curtains, tracking, and decorative rods in the comfort of your own home. With more than 40 years of interior design experience, we can provide you with honest advice and help you make the right decisions.

Custom Made Curtains

At Ron Ayton Curtains, Blinds & Shutters, our interior design experts custom-make curtains. In consultation with you, we can help design custom curtains that will meet your unique and distinctive tastes contact us today on 02 4332 5388 or online and let’s start planning.

Custom White Curtains in a Central Coast bedroom
Gray Curtains With Pattern — Ron Ayton Curtains, Blinds & Shutters in Central Coast, NSW

Benefits of investing in curtains

Update and renovate your home

If the interior of your home has fallen out of style or you’ve simply grown tired of the interior design of your space, installing a set of high-quality curtains is a simple and affordable way to give your home a fresh new look.

Your curtains are one of the main design features of your home, so it’s essential to find a style that you love that’s both practical and looks great.

With our wide range of curtains here at Ron Ayton, you’re bound to find a style that you’ll love that suits your aesthetic and practical needs.

Whether you’re looking for classic and chic traditional curtains or contemporary and stylish S Wave curtains, our selection of high-quality designs has everything you need.

Open Window With Red Floral Curtains — Ron Ayton Curtains, Blinds & Shutters in Central Coast, NSW
Brown And White Curtains — Ron Ayton Curtains, Blinds & Shutters in Central Coast, NSW

Customised curtains

Your personal style is as unique as you are, and one of the simplest ways of putting your own stamp on your home is by hanging up a set of custom made curtains from Ron Ayton.

We specialise in making bespoke curtains that will suit your home perfectly, and we have a team of interior design experts on hand to work alongside you to create the curtains of your dreams.

If you have any specific requirements or your own vision of what you want your curtains to look like, all you need to do is Call us 02 4332 5388 or get in touch with our team and we can start planning!

Free onsite measure & quote with our mobile showroom

We understand how important it is for you to make sure that you are 100% happy with your decision before purchasing anything for your home.

This is why we created our own mobile showroom loaded with our range of high-quality curtains that we deliver directly to you. This way, you can see for yourself how your new curtains will look in your office space or home.

We’ll even measure your space ourselves at no cost to you and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote so you can make an informed decision before making a purchase.

Bedroom With Gray Curtains — Ron Ayton Curtains, Blinds & Shutters in Central Coast, NSW
Closeup Of A Brown Curtain — Ron Ayton Curtains, Blinds & Shutters in Central Coast, NSW

Why choose Ron Ayton?

Curtain FAQ

If you’re not sure what style of curtains will best suit your home, our friendly team would be happy to provide our expert eye and professional advice. We have a strong understanding of the wide range of colour and pattern options available to you, and we’re happy to advise on the best choice.

We can offer a wide range of different fabric styles and finishes to suit any home through our connection with some of Australia’s best manufacturers. Whether you’re looking for something light and airy or you want heavy-duty curtains that block out all sunlight, we have something on our books that suits your needs.

Our online gallery is the best place to start if you want to get an idea of our past work. Ron will also come out to you with his mobile showroom, allowing you to get a good idea of how your blinds and curtains could look. If you have any specific questions or you want a particular example, just let us know.

We are more than happy to provide you with a free quote either over the phone on 02 4332 5388 or online