How to choose bathroom blinds?

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For the bathroom, blinds are an excellent choice because they offer privacy and light control at the same time. But selecting the suitable material for blinds for bathrooms can make a massive difference in their appearance and longevity.

You need to ensure that your blinds fill three essential requirements for your bathroom: privacy, durability, and light control.

You may end up with mould, damage, and products that do not last as long as they should in your wet areas if you choose the wrong window treatments.

Let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of different blind types.

Venetian Blinds

There’s no denying the popularity of Venetian blinds. They’re a stylish, practical and effective solution. Venetian blinds can control sunlight and privacy by adjusting their louvres, which are similar to those on plantation shutters

They are available in a variety of materials and can fit every budget.

Having aluminium Venetian blinds is an excellent choice for your bathroom since they are mould and mildew resistant. Not only that, but they can handle humidity as well.

A Venetian Blind

Vertical Blinds

If you’re choosing vertical blinds for a wet area, such as a bathroom, choose an acrylic-coated fabric to ensure moisture isn’t absorbed by the material.

Besides optimal light control and privacy, vertical blinds also provide a perfect view of the outdoors, since the blades can rotate and slide entirely out of the way. 

Vertical blinds are available in a range of classic and contemporary shades and are one of the most popular styles on the market today.

A Vertical Blind

Roller Blinds

Are you considering roller blinds for your bathroom? Roll-up blind fabrics that are treated with antifungal properties are moisture-resistant and suitable for areas that get wet. You can also automate the roller blind, so you have privacy and convenience.

You can add a splash of style to your bathroom windows with practical, affordable and stylish sunscreen roller blinds. Roller blinds for bathrooms are made from water-resistant materials, which are usually made from semi-translucent fabrics. 

Whatever choice you make, the fabric is transparent enough to let natural light shine through without sacrificing privacy.

For high windows, you can use sunscreen blinds. For low windows, you can get a double roller blind system. By hanging a blackout blind, you can ensure your bathroom interior remains private, even at night.

A Roller Blind

Custom Solutions For Your Bathroom

When dealing with a wet space like a bathroom, a custom solution is often the best choice. You will get the perfect fit for privacy, and the blinds or shutters can be adequately treated to ensure they won’t be ruined by mould and mildew.

Custom blinds will be the right fit for windows that aren’t of standard sizes and will satisfy privacy and light control requirements.

As an experienced supplier and installer of custom-fit blinds, you can be sure that we will deliver the best results for your bathroom. 

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