How to choose the right coloured curtains for your home

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Curtains are a great addition to any home with many benefits to enjoy, including privacy and light control.

They can also be a great feature piece and will have a major impact when used correctly. This means that when choosing your curtains, it is important to find the best fit for your home.

At Ron Ayton, we recognise this and have put together this guide on finding the right coloured curtains to help you.

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Consider your existing room colour, patterns and schemes

It is important to consider the room you’re decorating when picking out the right set of curtains. It sounds silly, but to create the perfect aesthetic for your home, all elements need to come together.

This means considering all of the colours and patterns present in the room, and thinking about what best fits in with this.

The psychology of colour

Modern psychology has shown that different colours can have different effects on our moods. This is important when choosing the right colour curtains for your home as the colour could have a big impact on the atmosphere you’re wanting to create.

Light and airy colours, for example, are the most natural choice if you’re hoping to complement a bright and beachy atmosphere.

Blue-toned curtains often have peaceful and calming effects. Blue is also believed to help combat issues such as anxiety and insomnia.

Light brown shades can create a real homely atmosphere within a room. As a warm colour, brown also helps to generate a sense of comfort and familiarity.

Green curtains are an ideal fit for bedrooms. The soothing tones of green have long been rumoured to help foster a great night’s sleep. Thanks to its association with happiness, green can also give a room a much-needed pop of colour.

Cream hues are the most traditional choice for curtains. It is a forgiving colour and can be easily matched with a variety of different shades found elsewhere in the home.

Dark tones such as black are often considered a bold choice of curtain colour. However, it does have real benefits, especially if you’re looking to block out light.

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Curtain function

It is also useful when picking the right colour curtain for your coastal home to consider the function you want the curtain to perform.

For blocking light, think carefully about the thickness of the curtain if you’re hoping to choose light colours.

While lighter colours on their own aren’t very good at blocking light, they are ideal if you’re looking for some cover while still allowing in natural light.

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