How to choose the right type of blinds for your home

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If you are looking to spruce up your home with a new set of blinds, you need to be sure that you choose the ones which perfectly match your space.

If you make the right choice, the room will be much brighter for it – figuratively and maybe literally.

Keep reading to learn Ron Ayton’s top tips for choosing the right blinds for your home.

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Block-out blinds Central Coast

How much light do you want to let in?

People obviously choose blinds because they want a way to reduce incoming light, but this is still an important question to ask.

If you want to avoid the sun entirely, then block-out blinds would definitely be worth considering – their insulation from the heat and the light makes them an ideal component of any morning lie-in.

However, other types of blind allow light to enter in different ways. Both Venetian and vertical blinds allow you to modify the angle of the slats, giving you the ability to perfectly position how your rooms are illuminated.

That being said, some light would still get in even when they are fully closed – so you have to keep in mind where the sun will be and when before making your purchase.


Vertical blinds central coast

Pick the right colour

It is common for blinds to come in several different styles, patterns and colours, but not all of them will go perfectly with your home.

You need to think beyond what looks nice in isolation, but how your ideal blind would match the tones and colours across the rooms where they will be installed.

Though the choice will likely still be down to your preference, we recommend avoiding a colour that is significantly darker than your walls.

This could make the room look too dark – which might not be what you intend. This is your chance to redefine your living space in any number of ways, so choose wisely.



What room will they be in?

This might surprise you, but some people purchase different blinds for different rooms based on what might fit each one best, even with similar-shaped windows.

Of course, consistency is key when it comes to style, but the advantages of matching each room to an ideal blind will serve you for years to come so it’s always best to find a balance.

You might want block-out blinds in your bedroom to prevent any rude awakenings, as mentioned above. On top of this, Venetian blinds might be ideal for the front room, where you’ll likely be wanting to soak up the sun throughout the day.

Roller blinds are also wonderful for kitchens, as they are easily cleaned while also helping with the moisture that cooking inevitably brings into the room.


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Ultimately, there are many factors that you have to consider before buying your blinds, but it will always be worth it.

Ron Ayton Curtains, Blinds & Shutters boasts an impressive stockroom and can custom-fit your blinds exactly to your window, giving you further control over how they illuminate your room. Contact us online today for a free quote.