How to choose the right type of plantation shutters for different rooms

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Thinking about installing lovely plantation shutters into your home? Plantation shutters are a wonderful, stylish and timeless addition to any house. Their sleek, classical design complements most indoor spaces. Furthermore, their dynamic ability to manipulate the elements by letting in air and light gives you greater control over your indoor environment. Plantation shutters also increase the value of the property they are installed in, making them an excellent long-term economic option.

But deciding which plantation shutters to put in different rooms can be tough. The main factors to consider are materials, colour, size and style. Buyers should also factor in their budgetary limits. All these factors can make the decision of which shutters to install where very tough. That’s why the team at Ron Ayton’s have devised the following guide. Read on to find out how to choose the right type of plantation shutters for different rooms.

Living spaces

Are you keen to elevate your living spaces to the next level by installing a stylish set of plantation shutters? Well, good news! Plantation shutters are ideal for living spaces, as they get the most natural light in a home.

For living spaces, we recommend installing some wooden plantation shutters. These shutters not only look incredibly stylish with their classic and timeless design but provide adequate privacy from the outside world while giving you total control over the indoor environment.

Another hot tip is to consider any windows that face west. In Australia, west-facing windows can attract the hot gaze of the afternoon sun. We recommend installing plantation shutters in these west-facing windows as they provide complete insulation from the outside world when the louvres are fully closed. 


Plantations work excellently in a kitchen. Consider placing them in exterior-facing windows to give you control over lighting and privacy. Aluminium plantation shutters are ideal for kitchens, especially over sinks. This is because aluminium is very easy to clean.

In a busy and active kitchen, it is highly possible that food and various things may get onto your shutters. That’s why aluminium is ideal. They also don’t fade in the sunlight and are not vulnerable to water damage. Again, consider installing plantation shutters on any west-facing windows. 


The privacy afforded by plantation shutters is ideal for bedrooms. The louvres can be adjusted for complete privacy while still letting in a good amount of light.

We recommend aluminium and PVC shutters for bedrooms as they are sturdy, long-lasting materials. West-facing windows should also be considered as they can attract a lot of heat unless they are covered with plantation shutters. The last thing you want is a hot, stuffy bedroom in the middle of an Australian summer!


Plantation shutters are also an excellent option for bathrooms. Buyers should consider the risks of water damage and moisture when choosing their shutters. For this reason, we recommend aluminium plantation shutters.

Want to discuss shutter options?

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