How To Pair Blinds And Curtains

Make your Central Coast home stand out by creating a quick and easy focal point for any room. Pairing blinds and curtains gives you the chance to match contrasting and layered style choices while keeping the practicality of your window coverings.

It can be a great chance to experiment with mixing textures, patterns, colours and styles. Whether practical or stylish, the finished result will always look gorgeous and work twice as hard at ensuring you have the light control and the privacy you deserve.

But what’s the secret formula for a winning pair? Read on for Ron Ayton’s expert style guide for pairing curtains and blinds.

Window With Curtain And Blinds

Choose The Type Of Blind You Want First

It’s always best to pick the kind of blind you want before you choose the curtain. We recommend roller blinds and Venetian blinds when working with curtains. They provide a basic, solid block of colour that is easy to play off your curtains.

You can either match the current colour scheme of the room by choosing a similar shade or you can choose a bold, contrasting statement colour.

For statement print pieces, we recommend a Roman blind, which is a fabric block blind.

White Blinds And Grey Curtain

Avoid Matching Patterns

Once you’ve decided on your colour scheme, you should consider experimenting with patterns. They can be a great way of adding a little something to your room and creating an interesting art piece. The key is to not pair a patterned blind with a patterned curtain – this can look too busy and detract from the statement.

What you should consider doing is choosing a dominant colour from the pattern of your curtain or blind and matching this to its plain-coloured partner. Tropical print curtains may pair with a solid green blind, for example, or a subtle paisley blind may pair well with darker toned curtains.

Blind And Curtain In Bedroom

Don’t Forget To Compliment The Rest Of The Room

While it’s important that the blinds and curtains go well together, it’s also a nice touch if you can incorporate the design of the room into their pattern or colouring. Try matching the pattern of the sofa cushions or the colour of the rug.

You could even take into account the colour scheme of the walls and offset this with a contrast or a pattern inspired by that shade.

Blinds And Curtain In Living Room

Experiment With Accessories

The tieback for your curtains could be a stunning contrast colour and be the crowning jewel of your blind and curtain pairing. Or, install a wall-mounted hook for the curtains to create a flawless draped effect. Be wary of pairing big metal features with timber coloured blinds because this can look clunky.

With Ron Ayton, you can even customise your curtains so your house is as unique and distinctive as you are. Get in touch today to start working on your new curtain and blind pairing.